Awkward Is The New Cool

April 24, 2012

These days, when I am not too busy wagging my finger at politicians, working the essay assembly line, or kissing my teeth at the –isms of the world…I am consuming insane amounts of comedy at the theatres or on my makeshift macbook/TV. Suspense? Historical fiction? Award winning wreath on the DVD? No thank you. There’s enough to wrinkle my brow at in real life, when I sit down to watch something, I want to laugh. In the spirit of escapism, I generally make comedy off-limits for any form of critical analysis (goodness-forbid I should ruin it). However, there is only so much social science education one can absorb before analysis becomes the default function, so alas here I am.

Every now and then, there is a new trend in popular culture that isn’t completely misogynistic and self-destructive. In between L-O-L’s, I think I’ve managed to find one such rarity. Read the rest of this entry »