Welcome to farsighted.

for the thoughts that exist between facebook posts and dissertations.

A bit about me, and this blog.

I was born and raised in Toronto – to Ethiopian parents – and currently study at Oxford. My preoccupations generally revolve around the East African diaspora. I see identity as fluid, not fixed. I think culture is made every day, not a relic of the past. I choose to believe that the world is a little more interesting than people give it credit for. And I think the combination of research, art, and advocacy provides the most textured understanding of the world.

In this blog, you will find a patchwork of reflections, rants and napkin doodles about politics, identityeducation, and current events — usually with an African or North American focus. The name, ‘farsighted’, reflects my desire to spark discussion and reflection that helps us build a critical and compassionate understanding of the world.


Fancy a little art? Check out my photography.

Interested in my research? Here’s a link to my Oxford profile.


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